Friday, May 2, 2014

10 Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 starts Monday, May 5th! As a high school teacher I can say that this week is usually pretty lackluster. I'm shocked if anyone at school, particularly my students, even knows this week is happening! Since most high school kids have multiple teachers, purchasing several gifts could really add up! Below are 10 inexpensive (and unisex) ways to show the high school teachers in your students' lives some love and appreciation!

Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

I can honestly say that the BEST gift I've received as a teacher is a heartfelt thank you note. Each May I have my students fill out these note cards to give to their other teachers and it makes my heart happy to know how happy these notes make my colleagues!

I'm always looking for colorful ways to decorate my classroom and this print is so cute! Having a few prints made up would be relatively inexpensive, particularly if you give just the print, unframed. Check out the two free classroom poster printables I created, too!

The good thing about gift cards is that they are practical and flexible for both the giver and the receiver! Purchase a couple cards from Target and add this cute printable!

 Swing by your local bakery and pick up a dozen donuts! Print the logo on some white paper bags and you've got an adorable gift that any teacher would love first thing in the morning (and donuts are my personal favorite)!!

Bake up a batch of your favorite cookies, place them in a baggie, and add this cute printable topper to show your teachers that they're 'smart cookies'!

#6: Fruit Themed Gift
Download the gift tag that says 'I Couldn't Have Picked a Better Teacher!' to give with an apple or any 'berry' scented item (like hand sanitizer, lotion, or a candle). 

#7: Eraser 'Candies'
 How cute is this dish full of eraser 'candies'? I know I'd love this since it's cute AND practical as erasers seem to be hard to come by in my classroom! You can buy the erasers in bulk here.

Download the gift tag and attach it to a few highlighters

#9 Ruler
Create a tag that says 'Teacher, You Rule' and attach it to an inexpensive ruler! Clever and practical!

#10 Mason Jar & Pencils
Paint some Mason jars or leave them clear and fill with pencils or other writing utensils. I'd love to receive a jar filled with my favorite correcting pens!

 Even if you don't have time or money to give a gift, a simple 'hey, I appreciate the work you do' goes a really, really, long way! What are some of your favorite Teacher Appreciation Week ideas?


  1. I agree that notes mean the most. I once got a double-walled tumbler (the kind with the straw in the lid) with Hershey kisses. All these ideas are great but a simple thank you goes a really long way!

    1. Totally agree, Pam! One of my most meaningful student thank you notes is framed and sitting on top of the file cabinet in my classroom! I will cherish it as a reminder that what we do really does make a difference!