Friday, August 8, 2014

Sewing A First Day Teacher Dress

Summer vacation is about recharging my batteries and taking time to do things I love to do...mainly enjoying the beaches here in Maine (my biggest decision each day is whether to go to the lake or the ocean, ha!) and crafting up a storm! I only have two weeks left of break and since the weather this week was a bit unsettled, I decided it was the perfect time to tackle a challenging sewing pattern:
Teacher Outfit Idea
I saw this darling dress pattern and thought it would be perfect for the first day of school! I actually stood in Jo-Ann Fabrics with pattern in hand for quite some time debating whether or not I was skilled enough to sew this dress. I was intimidated mostly by the zipper and the 'Peter Pan' collar but also by the darts, pleats, and gathering at the sleeves! I decided that I would never improve my sewing skills if I didn't at least try a more complicated pattern so home with me the pattern came!

Simplicity Lisette Round Trip Dress Pattern

I chose a hot pink/light blue damask cotton fabric with a contrasting white collar. I opted to add sleeves since I'm more comfortable wearing a dress with at least a cap sleeve to school (I think sleeveless is a bit too casual for the workplace, but that's just personal preference)! I'm pretty much in love with the result...

I did have to adjust the size to get a perfect (or near perfect) fit as I'm short but curvy! I took in the sides and moved the waist up a bit in addition to taking up the hemline! 

The collar is probably my favorite part of this dress...I LOVE me a 'Peter Pan' collar!
 I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to create clean curves but I took my time when sewing and am pleased with how the collar turned out...

My classroom is usually on the chilly side as we have AC throughout our school so topping the dress with a cardi is another option! I also added a silver metallic belt (from Old Navy) for a polished look in addition to my silver strappy sandals (not pictured).

Teacher First Day Dress

It's silly to say but I feel really proud of myself for tackling this challenging pattern. I could have easily chosen a simpler dress to make and faced the uncertainty of not knowing how it would turn out (would I be wasting my time/money if I messed up?). There was a day not so long ago when all I could sew was a straight line (pillow covers were my specialty) but slowly, over time, I've increased my skills one pattern at a time! I can't wait to wear this dress as I greet my new classes of students in only a couple short weeks!


  1. That is the cutest dress I have ever seen and you look adorable. I am super jealous of your mad sewing skills (I can barely make a pillow cover) and how cute you are going to look on the first day...I haven't even begun to figure out my first day outfit yet and it is right around the corner.

  2. What an absolutely stunning dress! Perfect for a first day of school, and it looks fabulous with the mint cardigan. This is seriously too cute.