Sunday, April 26, 2015

Romper Style

Apparently rompers are all the rage in fashion right now. I've seen them on adults, teens, and toddlers and have even tried on a few styles. Unfortunately, they definitely don't look good on my short, curvy physic but fortunately I do know they are ADORABLE on 4-year-olds and thus I decided to sew one up for the daughter of one of my best friends...enter the Saffron Romper:

sewing girls romper

How absolutely ADORABLE is this romper?! I had already purchased the fabric combination and was planning on making another pattern but decided I'd like to try something new for summer. I searched for 'easy sewing patterns for girls' online and found a variety of options at Sew Sweet Patterns.

The Saffron Romper pattern required no notions other than thread and an elastic, both of which I had on hand, and the pattern was in PDF format so I just downloaded and printed as soon as I made my purchase! It was a quick afternoon sew and would be a relatively easy pattern for a beginning seamstress to handle (I always just look up tutorials on YouTube if there's a skill I don't understand but his one was pretty straightforward). 

The original romper pattern did not call for two fabrics but I thought the contrasting pink would look nice against the floral pattern and add a little bit of fun to the ruffle and bow areas. Both fabrics were purchased a few months ago at Jo-Ann Fabric.
sewing girls romper pattern
Because this is such a quick and easy sew that requires a small amount of fabric and minimal notions, I will definitely be whipping up a few more of these for all the little girls in my life. I love being an 'auntie' to my friends' kids and thankfully they never object when I use their kids to fulfill my need to sew such cute little outfits!

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