Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flip House #2

I'm SUPER excited to share that I'm in the process of 'flipping' another house! I bought my first 'flip house' back in 2010, spent the summer renovating, and used the profit from the sale to put toward a downpayment on my current home. I've been wanting to jump into another flip for a while now and after searching for over a year, finally found the perfect property...

Isn't she darling?! She's a classic Cape style home that is in pretty great shape, just needs some updating and a little love! Let's take a 'before' tour...

 The Kitchen
My plan for the kitchen includes painting the cabinets white, adding hardware to the cabinet doors, upgrading the appliances, painting the walls a light, bright color, updating the light fixture, and updating the countertops. New flooring will be added throughout the first and second floors, too!

The Dining Room
The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen and it already has updated flooring and a nice brushed nickel light fixture. The color of the walls isn't bad, however, because there were touch-ups needed and I don't know the original wall color, I'll be painting the dining room a new, neutral color. 

The Living Room
OK so the first thing I did in this house was paint over the red walls and the room is so much brighter! The carpet has already been ripped up and new flooring will be put in to match what is already in the dining room. It's a really nice sized room, perfect for lounging with the family (I always imagine who might be living here eventually and it makes me happy to picture a little family enjoying this space)! 

The Half Bathroom
This room is on the main floor and in addition to new paint color on the walls, I'll be updating the mirror, replacing the counter top and faucet, and adding new flooring. I also plan on painting the vanity cabinet (I'm leaning toward a dark gray instead of white...stay tuned)!

The Office
I'm calling this room an 'office' but it's really one of three bedrooms (the only one on the main floor). I've already painted it a nice blue/green/gray color to add a little bit of freshness to the space. The walls were in desperate need of color! The carpet has been ripped out and will be replaced with laminate wood flooring. 

The Master & Secondary Bedrooms
This house is a traditional Cape style which means the bedrooms on the second floor have angled ceilings. They are both really large rooms, however, so that's an advantage! The bedrooms will both receive new paint on the walls and new carpeting. 

Upstairs Full Bathroom
This is a nice sized room with a full tub/shower. I'll be painting the vanity cabinet but replacing the top and adding a new faucet. Walls will be painted and new flooring added. All of the wood fixtures will be removed and a new towel bar and mirror will be added. 

That brings us to the end of our 'before' tour! I've been very busy over the long weekend, painting, painting, and more painting! When school is over in three weeks, I'll be able to devote all of my time to the house but in the meantime, nights and weekends will suffice! I hope you'll follow along on this little 'Flip House 2' journey! You can find me on Instagram where I post more frequently, too! 


  1. Good for you! I actually quit teaching 15 years ago to stay home with my kids. Now that they are 12 and 15 I am substitute teaching and flipping houses! (I come from a real estate family so I get lots of help!) I am currently waiting to close on another flip for the summer...I can't wait to get started! I look forward to seeing your progress...thanks for sharing!!

  2. How exciting! I think the house is beautiful, it has lots of potential!
    Cannot wait to see your projects. Jule

  3. How did the flip house go?? I've recently stumbled upon you on Instagram and discovered your blog! Now I can't stop reading! Love the ootd and crafty projects!