Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Free Classroom Poster Printable

It's 'back to school' time which means it's also time for another FREE CLASSROOM POSTER PRINTABLE! One of my favorite shows of all time is Friday Night Lights and my favorite school counselor is Tami Taylor (a lead character in the show)! In one scene she's giving Tim Riggins (a student) the riot act about why she cares so much about his future...

Friday Night Lights quotes

This inspired me to make a new poster for my classroom that I'm happy to share with all my fellow educators as we head back to fight the good fight every day this school year!

Free Classroom Poster Printables

The 8x10 version of the free printable can be downloaded here.
The 11x17 version can be downloaded here.

I usually have my posters printed inexpensively at Staples on cardstock or a thicker photostock but they can easily be printed right at home or at school on regular paper!

You can find my previous free poster printables here and here! Thank you to all the teachers, counselors, coaches, and support staff out their who make a difference in the lives of kids every day!

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