Friday, October 16, 2015

Teacher Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays as it combines my love of creativity and fashion! Each year I try to make at least part of my costume and often times make two different costumes- one to wear to school and one to wear out and about with friends. Here's a round-up of some of my favorite school appropriate costumes, some of which I've worn during Homecoming Spirit Week in addition to Halloween...

Teacher Costumes

Snow White
DIY Snow White Costume
 This is a costume I keep recycling because I love it so much! I took a yellow skirt that I already owned and paired it with a white collared shirt and red cardigan. For the bodice, I purchased a royal blue tank top from WalMart and hot glued some gold cording onto the tank. I also used red satin ribbon to make the head band and bow.  Read more about how to make this costume here!

 My teacher friend Kelly found an awesome red dress at our local Salvation Army and paired it with a wig and some knee high socks to transform into Annie! Love it!

Cat Lady
This was actually what I wore this year on 'Wacky Wednesday' during Homecoming Spirit Week but it would also make an awesome Halloween costume! I found the cat sweatshirt and elastic waist jeans at Salvation Army then used hot glue and velco strips to add a bunch of stuffed cats that I found at Goodwill. The wig and glasses were on clearance at WalMart after Halloween last year. I purchased a plain white tote bag for $3 at Walmart then used a Sharpie to add the cat motif! Check 'Meowt'!

Elliot & ET
ET and Elliot Costume
One of my FAVORITE costumes!! I wore a red hooded sweatshirt for the 'Elliot' portion of the costume. To create ET, I printed out his face onto cardstock then taped it to a ruler. His 'body' is just a white towel wrapped around a pillow. Everyone at school LOVED this costume!!

Abraham Lincoln
Abe Lincoln Costume Ideas
Pretty self-explanatory! Black jacket, black pants, a stove-pipe hat, and a beard! 
Beard and hat purchased at the Halloween store!

Harry Potter
Harry Potter Costume
Oh man, I had so much fun wearing this costume! I used my faculty graduation gown as my wizard robe and taped a printed out version of the Griffindor logo to the gown. The tie, glasses, and wand came in a kit at the Halloween store and I purchased the wig separately. Add a scar to your forehead and you're ready to make some magic! 

This is another really easy costume! I paired a long skirt (purchased at Goodwill) with a ruffled white shirt (that I already owned) and added a homemade 'Votes for Women' sash! Details on how to make the sash can be found here

Statue of Liberty
This one goes way back to my early years of teaching! I made this costume out of green fabric, some foam (for the headpiece), and a styrofoam cone for the torch! 

I have a couple fun ideas for my costumes this year but you'll have to wait to find out what I'll be! Follow along on my daily adventures in teaching via Instagram

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