Sunday, February 4, 2018

Stylish and Affordable Lighting Options

It's been one year since moving into my little fixer upper and in that time, A LOT of decisions have been made. There were flooring choices, paint colors, bathroom fixtures and of course, lighting. Since the entire house was/is being renovated, I spent a lot of time searching for stylish but affordable light fixtures. I ended up purchasing most of my lights from Amazon because I found they had a wide variety of options at budget-friendly prices!
affordable lighting options

My aesthetic is sort of a combination of "industrial-meets-vintage-meets-farmhouse" so in other words, pretty eclectic! I wasn't afraid to mix metals, either, so I've got a combination of brushed nickel, flat black, and galvanized metals throughout the house.

galvanized barn light

Most of the lights I ended up purchasing were flush mount or semi-flush mount since I had relatively low ceilings. Below is a roundup of some of my favorite light fixture finds. Click on the numbers below to take you directly to each source!
affordable lighting options

industrial lighting options

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Happy Renovating!

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