Monday, December 3, 2018

Useful & Fun Gift Idea: The Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Confession: I have a problem...there are currently over 15,000 photos on my iPhone! Gasp!! Many of these should be deleted but I also have so many great photos from trips, family gatherings, and outings with friends that I never look at because they are lost somewhere amongst the thousands of photos my phone. Although I have every intention of printing and displaying the photos, somehow, this always falls low on my priority list.

Enter the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame- this handy little device has truly changed the way I display my favorite photos and memories and has brought so much joy into my daily life!

The Nixplay frame looks like a regular photo frame (I chose the 8-inch 'Iris' frame in 'peach copper' and it also comes in two other metallic finishes) but unlike a regular frame, the photos in the Nixplay frame continuously change, allowing you to view all of your favorite memories, digitally!

Using the Nixplay app on my phone, I can organize my photos into specific albums or just a general mix and then send the photos from my phone directly to the frame over WiFi. I have my frame in my living room where I'm able to see all my photos while sitting on my couch...I absolutely love being able to relive memories everyday when otherwise, the photos would rarely be seen and would never leave my iPhone! It's also a fun conversation piece when I have visitors.

Another great feature of the Nixplay frame is that you can share photos with family and friends through the Nixplay smartphone app. This means you can send photos to other peoples' frames, and they can send photos to yours- a really fun and functional feature!  How many grandparents do you know who would love to see new photos of their kids and grandkids pop up daily in their photo frame? Or how about friend groups who live all over the country? Everyone can share photos from anywhere!

The frame plugs into a regular outlet and has a remote with settings that change the speed of the photos, which albums will be played, and it also turns the frame on and off. Each photo adjusts to the frame as it's displayed so you don't have to worry about whether the photo is landscape/portrait or a specific size- it will automatically adjust the size to best fit whichever way you've displayed the frame.

Finally, one of my most favorite parts of the Nixplay frame is that it has allowed me to easily digitize old family photos. For example, my mother recently gave me an album full of family photos and I was able to take pictures of the originals with my iPhone, then easily and quickly display them in my Nixplay frame.

This would be such a great gift idea for anyone- loading in all sorts of old photos so they can see them every day without having to physically have the photo album! How about playing an album of the special birthday boy/girl on the Nixplay frame during the party? The options are endless and I can't think of anyone I know who wouldn't want this frame as both a useful and sentimental gift (myself included)!
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