Hi, I'm Kelly-Anne, aka Crafty Teacher Lady!  This blog is about my life as a high school teacher, homeowner, decorator, style seeker! You can keep up with my daily adventures over on Instagram...Thanks for visiting!

The Teacher:
I am first and foremost a teacher.  I firmly believe that teaching is not just a career but is a lifestyle.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Studies as well as a Master's degree in Education, general studies and was fortunate enough to be a finalist for Cumberland County Teacher of the Year in 2015. This year marks my 14th year as a high school social studies teacher and in that time I've taught US history, sociology, world history, and have developed a new found passion for teaching personal finance! Check out the 'teaching' link on the nav bar above to read about my adventures in teaching as well as to find cool ideas and resources!

The Homeowner:
I purchased my first home in December of 2007.  It was a small, two bedroom condo in need of major updating.  With the help of my family and friends, the condo was transformed into a cute, comfy space. After a year and a half, I found myself very unhappy living in condo-land, having to be on top of my neighbors and not really having any private outdoor space. I put my condo up for sale and luckily it sold in two months.  

My parents were kind enough to let me move in with them to save money while striving for my ultimate goal of constructing a new house.  While living with them, I decided to buy a foreclosure to 'flip' as an investment opportunity. I spent the summer of 2010 updating an outdated '70s ranch.  It sold for almost full asking price after only TWO DAYS on the market.  We closed a week later, just in time for me to start the school year!  

I used the money I had saved living with my parents and the money from the 'flip house' to finally make my dream of home ownership happen.  By July of 2011, my new house was constructed in time for me to move in! 

Last year I flipped another house and at the start of this year, I sold my new build and purchased another 'fixer upper'! I'm in the midst renovating my most ambitious project yet!

The Crafter:
I've loved arts and crafts my entire life.  I remember sitting outside in the backyard as a child making macaroni necklaces with the neighbor kids. I come from a long line of creative people.  My maternal grandmother is a seamstress and my maternal grandfather can build anything under the sun, including an elevator in his work shed...yes, you read the correctly, he built an elevator in his work shed!  My mother and father are pretty creative, too.  Mom owns a wholesale yarn company and has published several knitting books.  Dad is a licensed plumber and 'jack-of-all trades'...he helped me remodel both the condo and the 'flip' house.  I think I get my 'can't sit around doing nothing for very long' mentality from them.  Seriously, I have withdrawal symptoms if I have haven't created something in a while.  

Luckily, my new house allows me plenty of opportunities to be creative, whether it's with the decor or planning and hosting parties!

"...And I found that when I built my own place and just shut the door, the creativity was endless." 
~Billy Sherwood